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Your ambitions will be so strong as todominate your personal world. Your parents and other family members may not mind youroverzealous approach towards work; they might even be supportive of your They couldbe to do with your career, skirmishes with parents or undesirable changes on the personal front. Itwould not be wrong to say that the circumstances youll find yourself in this year shall bedramatically different from what they were back in Matters related to Career and Finance for Twins in the year You may look forward to a financially progressive year during which you will see an augmentationin your wealth, earnings and even the value of your property.

You may not see marked results,though, in the first half of the year, which shall only be the preparatory stage. But, post June 11th, your prosperous phase shall Thank your stars for the luck it brings you now. The 9th House of yourhoroscope will be extremely powerful from the 20th of the month.

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You are like the wolves of the wild, Learn to Read Your Own Horoscope. Virgo Horoscope. Things might seem confusing, but you just need to get a hold over yourself. The career predictions that they provided helped me in moving and making the future best.

But what brings However, allthe setbacks and hurdles you faced must have hardened your character. Consider this as apreparation for the difficult stages of life.

As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough getgoing. The challenges of the coming year Matters related to Career and Finance for Crabs in the year On the finance and career front, things will not change much from what they were last year, whichmeans that if they were satisfactory last year, they will be satisfactory this year too. And, if theywere not, they may continue to be the same again this year.

However, dont take this an excuse tobecome complacent. Keep giving your best, and It is also a period of yearly love peak, so most of the first month will be spent happily. If at all thereare complications in your love life, they could be because of children, lack of trust or Barring a few hitches, the year was, in all likelihood, a wonderful year for the Lions. Jupiter, the planet of plenty, made excellent aspects to the Sun, the ruler of your zodiac sign,during the first six months of the Matters related to Career and Finance for Lions in the year Mars, the planet of action, desire, and energy, is going to be in your money House for an unusuallylong period in the year Generally, one Mars transit is continued for one and half months.

Butin , the God of War will spend more than half of the year in this House. Therefore, the transitwill have a noticeable impact on your life, especially Month-by-month Forecast Leo - JANUARYThe year begins with an electrifying social experience, thanks to your planetary position thatmakes your western, social sector more dominant now. It literally means there are more parties,fun activities and thrilling times in store for you.

Singles also date more frequently and enjoy thecompany of the opposite sex.

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Know about Aquarius meaning, dates, symbol & horoscope compatibility. Get complete Mar 21 – Apr 20 . About Aquarius (January 21 – February 18). Get accurate free horoscope for your zodiac sign for daily, weekly, Aquarius. January 21 – February Pisces. February 19 – March

Later, on the 20th, In retrospect, thefirst 10 years of this century might have been very challenging for you. In all likelihood, there mayhave been some upheavals in your life.

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Good or bad, is a relative thing, and, that is why, Matters related to Career and Finance for Virgins in the year Your monetary situation has not been very encouraging for the past two years, and there seems norespite in sight, at least for the better part of However, the times are improving with eachday, and the nightmare is, more or less, over. You may now be reorganising your finances, whichwas actually badly needed, Month-by-month Forecast Virgo - JANUARYHow you manage to get your things done your way is really a wonder because the planetary poweris still in the western sector of your horoscope, where people matter more than personal interest.

One reason for this The beginning of the year itself will bring a relief for you Libras —palpably as well as from a planetary perspective.

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When the year gets over, all the Matters related to Career and Finance for Scales in the year Brace yourself up for a rough ride in the year ahead, as far as your finances are concerned. This isbecause Uranus is aligned squarely with your financial planet, with which Saturn also is making anunfavourable aspect.

However, Saturns aspect is not This is not surprising since mostof the planets are in the lower hemisphere of the horoscope and in their lower-most position. Thisplanetary position sends a clear message — your 4th House of family is extremely Here, too, Neptune will be anchored for many moreyears. Ganesha says this shows that your personal interests too are now becoming more elevated,and you are leaning more and more towards all Matters related to Career and Finance for Scorpios in the year Your financial house is not too powerful this year, so financial matters will remain more or less in alimbo, that is - there will not be many change in the circumstances this year.

The planetarydynamics are not exerting any pulls and pressures, except for a lunar eclipse on Whether or not the conditions prevailing arefavourable, you will have to adapt to them. This advice of Ganesha comes because the planetarypower shifts from the independent east to the social west sector of your horoscope which, likealways, weakens your personal independence and power, and makes you more dependent Know the full forecast, Get your Personal copy now! You may have been forced to keep dealing with unforeseen circumstances as well, saysGanesha.

The chances are that you have had to keep adapting, keeping in tune with the change,and by now you may have learnt the art of staying Matters related to Career and Finance for Archers in the year Your financial House has been occupied by Pluto since Pluto shall remain there for manymore years to come.

At this time there may be a sort of cosmic cleansing going on in your financiallife. And in order to detox your financial life, you will have get rid of the excessive baggage, throwout all the things that you dont need any more, eliminate wasteful The planets, in your chart, will be inthe lower half and symbolise night time for you. But you must not draw any negative inference fromthis either. It means that the focus this month should You are in complete control of your career, and have done better than mostpeople around you, and often you are the one who sets the Matters related to Career and Finance for Crabs in the year This is a volatile year as far as your finances are concerned.

Uranus is your financial planet, and itspends a the whole year in a square aspect with Pluto.

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Ganesha says you can expect major changesthis year. There is a divine cleansing going on in your financial life, as in many erroneous decisionsthat you made in the past — like wrong But there will be little action involved this month. Arteries are those in the lower leg and vein those in lower legs.

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Positive Aspects of Aquarius: They are good explorers, humanitarian and have kind of innovative approach. They are really good as friends and come to help even at odd hours. They are sincere, earnest, unbiased and have the very good intuitive ability. Negative Aspects of Aquarius: They need to avoid unnecessary radicalism, mental fanaticism. Undesirable characteristics are emphasizes ideas over feelings, deriving enjoyment from shocking people, gullibility where social injustice is involved.

Special Tips: They need to respect traditions which are good for people at large.

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Consistency in their approach is needed. We do so by presenting free Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Aquarius horoscope Yearly predictions for you. The entire year, Saturn will transit in the 11th house is good for financial planning however from the second quarter Saturn would join with Talk to Astrologer 15 Min. Talk to Astrologer 30 Min. Face to Face Consultation 30 Min. Face to Face Consultation 60 Min.

Aquarius Horoscope and Astrology. Aquarius Compatibility with other zodiac signs Aquarius-born people are compatible with a love match with their opposite zodiac sign. However, such persons always quest for freedom and individuality in any relationship they set their eyes on. Read More. Aquarius Weekly Horoscope 02 December to 08 December 02 December to 08 December In the first two days of this week, the people of the Aquarius zodiac will be able to have start.

You will keep boosting on the strength of your talent. You will continue to do Read More. Attachments with those near and fare are accented and require consideration.

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You could be caught off guard by delays or misunderstandings. Missed communications are the likely reason for bottlenecks. Location: Colaba, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. November 25, You may feel that you are not moving ahead with any sense of purpose. You may be moving sideways, if not actually in reverse gear. There could be financial problems to be sorted out and restlessness and impatience with restrictions imposed upon you.

Taurus: This period requires patience but you seem to be in a tearing hurry. You need to put down roots and get some stability in your life.